How Long Will You Carry That Monkey On Your Back?  Forgive and Let Go!

Forgiveness and letting go are funny animals all their own. If you have ever tried to achieve either one successfully and truly, then you know how difficult it is to do.  We have been programmed for justice, for fairness, the whole “eye for an eye” thing. The problem is that is the WRONG programming.

We also don’t know how to do anything else but beat ourselves up and create punishments to atone for “just being stupid”. Which frankly is the only thing that is stupid…making that choice to not forgive yourself.

When there is someone we haven’t forgiven (ourselves included), it’s like a monkey (or rather a 2-ton elephant) that we cart around on our backs every day. We THINK we have let go and moved on but in reality we bury and keep a death grip on it until some sort of justice is served.

Guess what?  Justice isn’t coming. It has no interest in revenge or setting the record straight. The justice is in letting go and forgiving yourself and the other person.

It’s like giving that person free rent every single day of your life.  While you sit by paying the tab and drinking the poison.

Forgiveness is more than just saying “I forgive….” It is a change of heart. Of giving it up.  Of knowing just how forgiven and loved you are — and that the only right thing you can do is to give that gift to another person. It is the ONLY right and healthy thing.

It doesn’t feel good right off the bat.  That programming of yours will fight back until you overcome it and put it in its place. But, the joy and freedom from the circumstance far outweighs the hard pill you have to swallow on the front end. Because I can tell you this…that person who offended you in some way forgot about the event the minute they walked away from it.

Now, it is time for you to do the same!


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