How Managers Can Balance Pushing A Team For Results While Keeping Them Engaged

Setting deadlines for your employees is easy, but keeping them engaged along the way is the real difference between whether they’ll be burned out or hungry for more.

As a manager, you have to walk the line, keeping your eyes on the horizon while remaining tuned into your team at all times. Start now by making sure everyone is in alignment, tap into each individual’s genius zone, and combine extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. A strong leader knows getting results shouldn’t mean diminished engagement. Below, 11 coaches from Forbes Coaches Council explain what you can do.

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Tap Into Their Genius Zones

Leveraging what your people are great at, their sweet spots, will lead them to have peak performance. When leaders capitalize on individual strengths, teams become more effective and efficient with increased productivity and performance. Managers have a duty to both people and process. Allow your people to do what they are great at. They will be happier, and you will look like a rockstar.

– Jen Kelchner


This article has a mention by Jen Kelchner or is authored by Jen Kelchner and was originally posted on Jen Kelchner is a founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council and frequently writes on leadership and the workplace.

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