The Journey of Week Three

So here we are the end of week three of our pilot program with LIFE University.  Of course blogging this journey is more than how a new program is working out but more looking at the trials and challenges of launching into a new adventure.  I’ll tell you I am not the most adventurous girl by some folks definition.  You won’t find me dangling at the bottom of a rubber band off a bridge or tossing myself out of an airplane or speeding down the road at 125 mph.  Okay, in truth you might find me doing the last one….I do like to drive fast.  My adventure, my spontaneity comes from taking huge risks in my personal life.  Walking out into a dream because I believe in it.  I think that perhaps it is way more of an adventure than any thrill seeking adrenaline rush I will ever find.

I’ve digressed in the first paragraph or have I?!  How does any of that tie into this post title? Well, taking risks and stepping out in faith – and trust me, if you are tying an industrial rubber band to your ankles and plunging off of a bridge, you are stepping out in faith – require flexibility.  When creating something brand new or walking a path that is unfamiliar we have choices to make.  Each choice leads to another choice based on the outcome of the previous choice.  Not everything we attempt, not every decision will be the right one for that situation so we have to alter our steps along the way.

Society tends to view this as failure.  We say, “Well, that didn’t work”.  Yeah, maybe it didn’t work but it doesn’t make that a failure.  Shift your perspective.  Look at things objectively.  Remove emotion from the situation and do an honest evaluation to make an assessment of lessons learned.  Keep in mind that a misstep doesn’t mean it was a wrong step but perhaps just the wrong step at that moment.  We have such a habit of “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.  If it wasn’t the right fit at the time it doesn’t mean we should wholly discount something.  I don’t know about you, but my life is in a constant evolution of change.  I’m never the same way twice so why should I expect my results to be the exact same way every time.

So on to how week three went… Each week has taught us a new lesson on the how-to’s of starting a program.  Curriculum has been outstanding and so has the response.  Initial group for the pilot itself hasn’t been the best fit based on our offerings and schedules.  So on we go to expanding our demographic for completing the pilot.  I choose to see it all as success.  We are learning every day what works and what needs to be tweaked and what should be added.  It is certainly challenging and exhausting stepping out on faith and going on an adventure.  But, I love it!

I challenge you to start looking from a different perspective.  How has this “failure” really presented itself as an opportunity?  An opportunity to make a change, to learn something new, to bless someone else, to give to another, and to see that some things only last for a season.  Remember to that every season teaches us something new to carry into the next.  Don’t look at seasonal changes in your life as failures or loss.  This is your opportunity to be grateful that you have had a person or situation be a part of your life for a time.  That you are growing and changing.  That you are ready for something fresh and new in your life.

Don’t know if any of this really had to do with LIFE University’s third week of the pilot program but it is what I know I was supposed to say today.  Stay strong, friends!

Be The Light!

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