Did you know that stress causes us to be “unwell”? I bet you did. How about anxiety, worry, fear, exhaustion? Yep, got those covered too?

A lot of these feelings that lead to our not being well or happy or feeling balanced, is due to stress and worry. We are busy looking at the negatives instead of the positives in our lives. Right down to the little things that we hang on to instead of shifting our perspectives to the good things in front of us.

What if we decided to start seizing the awesome around us and released our grip on the not-so-awesome? READ MORE>>

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The above is an excerpt from a post, Seize The Awesome. Reap The Rewards, I wrote a year ago and posted last May. I haven’t felt much like writing lately because I feel out of balance physically. My thyroid disease is acting up a bit and along with my stress level right now, it is keeping me out of my groove.

I went looking for a prior post and bam! there was my reminder… SEIZE THE AWESOME! 

Even through my thyroid brain fog, roaring ear ringing and pounding headache I must seize the awesome. There is so much good to focus on in our lives that far outweigh the inconveniences and negatives of the moment.

So go seize your awesome today. Start an awesome list. Be the awesome for someone else. 

You can do it!


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