A Story That Leads to Finding Purpose In Life

A long time family friend of mine recently had an experience he will never forget. He shared what he remembered with me and I’d like to pass it on to you.

We haven’t seen each other in over 15 years and have only chatted a few times on Facebook in the last two years. His sister was my best friend growing up and my memories mostly center around him picking us girls – like any good older brother worth his salt would do.

I called him last week on his birthday, ironically, to hear about the accident that nearly took his life just a short 9 weeks earlier. It was still very difficult for him to share so I will relay what he could.

Comfort In The Crushing Moments

The story starts with traffic having come to a complete stop.  The next memory is the sound of crushing, scraping metal as his truck is being pushed under the truck in front of him. Later he would find out that a woman in a minivan had hit him at over 60 mph. She hadn’t seen the stopped traffic or if she had, it was far too late.

He says he remembers looking up to the windshield area but not being able to see out to anything. He served in Afghanistan and has been in the Guard for many, many years. His training kicked in and he knew he had to remain still so as to not make a neck injury any worse. “I just have to stay still until the medic gets here.“, he continued to think.

A man arrived on the drivers side and reached in towards him. The man said, “I‘m going to put my hands on both sides of your head, okay. I will stay with you until the rescue squad arrives. Don’t worry.” He said, “Okay.

He was unsure about the actual length of time before the rescue squad arrived. I will tell you that he doesn’t live in a more rural area so chances are it was as immediate a response as you might see in the city. As the medics arrive, they work to get control of the situation, extricate him from the vehicle and get him off to the hospital.

After he was released from the hospital and in thinking over the series of moments he had experienced, he realized he knew the medic. They had served in The Guard together. So he paid him a visit. The met up and has he was thinking him for his work on scene, he asked about the man who was with him when they arrived. The medic said, “What man?“. “The one who was with me that was holding my head.“, he stated. Medic replied, “There was no one there on scene. When we got there you were unconscious, had no pulse and very low blood pressure. You were not moving. After we started working on you, you gasped a few times and we finally started to get breath sounds again. Aside from that, there was no way to get through the closed door and window. You were alone.”

Finding Purpose

We are never alone, are we? My friend is still choked up about his experience. He still isn’t emotionally in a place to really talk about all of the details and I really appreciate what he was willing to share. It is hard to take – almost dying, having what some would call a supernatural experience, and walking away virtually unharmed out of the hospital within a matter of hours.

Ironically, we had been trying to touch base on this story for over a week and something cropped up for us each time. The morning we spoke, his 42 birthday, he had texted me very early in the morning that we needed to talk right away. That morning, he distinctly knew that he had been called to do something greater with his life. “I know why I had the accident now.”

We talked through this purpose he was seeing shape in front of him rapidly. I don’t know that I can share that with you at this time. But, I will say that it is something that is so needed in our world. He was so excited to see where it will go though. In a matter of hours, he sent me a message, “Since our call, two specific things have fallen into place to make this dream a reality.”

I always find it funny how God can use situations to get our attention. Hear me though, I’m not saying God causes things to happen I am saying He uses those situations for good. A messenger, an angel, was sent to keep my friend safe until the medics could get there. He was comforted and left with a memory he won’t soon forget. So when he feels that God is calling Him to do something bigger, He has no question in jumping in the unknown to fulfill it.

Life is precious and fleeting. Are you listening and living it out?

Don’t miss out on moments that God is using in your life. Opportunities to change the world. Opportunities to live.


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