Turn Off The Alarms and Enjoy The View

So, it’s Monday…AGAIN! If you are like me, your weekend flew by too quickly and you are now faced with the work week, new challenges and new opportunities.

In typical Jen fashion, I turned off my 5:30 alarm, the 5:40 snooze and the 6:00 alarm.  Finally forcing myself out of the bed just before 7:00.  My getting to the gym and ahead of the work game didn’t pan out today. 🙂

But, I did have an interesting dream just before I woke up that gave me a new perspective.

I was sitting on a deck overlooking a gorgeous beach as the sun was starting to rise casting pink and purple on the horizon. My friend walked out and said, “Come on Jen you gotta get to work.”. I replied that we should be sitting by the water watching the sunrise and taking a swim. That here we live with this view and never take a moment to enjoy it. She said, “Yeah, I know but we have to get things done.”

That was my reminder today that yes it is Monday and yes there is a long list of things to be done. BUT, are we seeing the beauty, the view, the things around us that are gifts every day to appreciate?

One of my greatest lessons on my personal journey is that living a performance based life has NO rewards. No freedom. No beauty. Just worry, anxiety, fear, disappointment, and the expending of a lot of effort and energy along the way.

Keep goals, have vision, pursue your dreams but do it without a performance driven mind set. Enjoy the beauty. Hit the snooze button. Seize the day!

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