In the book Good to Great by business leader Jim Collins, Jim uses a bus as a metaphor for business and one we can carry over into our lives. He stresses the importance of choosing the right people to be on the bus and making a conscious effort to get the wrong people off the bus. Once you have the right people on your bus, you have to make sure they have the right seats.

Who are the people on your bus?

Look closely at the list and listen honestly to your heart. Who is driving your bus?

Some of us have “toxic” passengers on our bus that navigate us down the wrong streets, off cliffs or through detours. Realize that it is time to remove those who are “toxic” – NOW. If you are still unsure who they are here are some tips: they are the ones who are a bad influence; the ones who are always belittling you or the ones talking bad about you (whether to your face or behind your back).

Make your list of who needs to be removed from your bus.

Some of your passengers don’t need to get off your bus but do need to be put into different seats. It’s your bus so drive it! Or, maybe you are riding someone else’s bus, like Mom’s or Grandma’s. Get your own bus! This is your life and up to you to drive it!




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