You can’t serve others if you are on empty. Self-care is vital to anything you do and it isn’t a selfish act. Often, we ignore our own care and rest when we look at the ever growing task list. Kids. School. Sports. Work. Aging parents to care for. Laundry. Volunteering. And the list goes on….

We focus solely on the list and the people we care for and want to help. The problem is that we forget that WE are important as well. You can’t nurture, love and serve when you are depleted. The internal gas tank can only go on fumes for so long before a collapse will happen.

If you want to really give and feed into others, do them the honor of caring for yourself first. Yes, the honor. Because then you only have the BEST of yourself to give away instead of the fumes that are left over. Love them and yourself enough to take a rest.

This is very important for those that serve others for a living – ministers, care givers, counselors, and parents. You have chosen noble professions now honor the service and those you serve by investing in your self care too.

Not only will you avoid burn out but you will stay connected to your passion with renewed energy. Others will notice that you are present, engaged and full of life – which is why they come to you!

What will you do this week to take care of yourself?

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