You Are All That Stands In The Way Of Living

If you follow my social media feeds, you likely saw last week that I had a bad haircut and was so not happy about it. Truth is it wasn’t a “bad” haircut it was not what I asked for, provided pictures of and is about 3″ shorter than I hoped for period. For us girls, we tie a lot of our confidence to our hair and general appearance. I’m particularly picky about my hair – shocking, I know!

For a few day’s I moaned endlessly about how short my hair was and that I’d probably have to post pone every scheduled “public” event for 6 weeks while it grew out. *Yes, on occasion I get dramatic* I even cancelled a photo shoot this past weekend because I was so mortified. And, then it hit me!

Find the pretty in it because you will not sacrifice life moments because someone made a mistake.

Do you do this too?

Not with hair but life in general?  Someone (you included) makes a mistake and you go into hiding. You refuse to go after the life you want because it isn’t “exactly as you planned”?

SPOILER ALERT: Life rarely ever goes exactly as planned or forecasted. It’s time to put on your big girl/boy pants and get to living. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t and choose to go for it!


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