One America. One People.

I’ve bitten my tongue, nearly in half, this entire year during the United States Presidential Campaign. It wasn’t from lack of opinion but rather my desire to be different than the masses. I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

First, I would like to say Congratulations to President Barak Obama for his 2012 win. May you be blessed by God’s grace in your next term to lead our Nation.

Gasps just erupted in front of computer screens every where didn’t they? Once you start breathing again, read this next sentence.

My post today isn’t about politics.  I was raised with the belief that we respect our National Leader no matter who they are or which political party they are aligned with or whether or not I agree with their platform. I was taught to pray for our National Leader.

But, my point for this post is simply this. I’m ashamed at the behavior of the American People….not all of course, but definitely the majority I’m surrounded by.  The level of hatred and bitterness that has exuded from hearts and mouths astounds me.

We are One Nation, One People, One Race, One World, One America. Our Nation isn’t in ruin because of Democrats or Republicans or even the crazy extremists that roam around out there. It is because we stopped caring for each other. We stopped seeing each other as brother and sister. We stopped wanting freedom for all and instead chose what we wanted for ourselves.  We stopped behaving as a “Christian Nation” and became a “Better Than Thou” Nation. We are so drenched in pride and arrogance and self-righteousness.

You want something different? Two Words:  LOVE & GRACE.

The people you perceive to be taking advantage of the system? Go get to know them. Hear their stories. Help them to a new place in their lives. But for the love of God, please stop being so nasty when you don’t know them or what they have been through.

The people you don’t agree with? Love them anyway even if you don’t agree with their view point. Forgive them. How many times have you been wrong and later found a new perspective? Give them the same grace as you have had.

Here is the Truth of the matter for all of my faith based readers. Those of you who are professing to be followers of Christ or God…it’s time to take a look internally and filter some truth. If you serve who you say you serve, you serve others. If you follow who you say you follow, you don’t follow a man anyway. If you agree with the teaching, then start walking it out and stop being so hypocritical. And last time I checked, there is nothing written in the Bible that states your salvation is predicated upon which political party with which you align.  One commandment exists:  Love God. Love People.  And, right now there is not a lot of love going around.

My only political opinion is this:  Our Nation will not come to ruin because of WHO is in office. It will come to ruin by WHO our people choose to be.

I realize I will lose readers and friends by saying anything outside of the norm. If I do, then you weren’t reading this for the right reason any way. My heart breaks over our treatment and blatant lack of disrespect for others. I’m choosing to be a person of love and grace.

One last thought…My father who has been in Christian Ministry for over 40 years posted this blog back in May.

As Christians it is vital that we respect and defend diversity.  So hold your positions without having to belittle or put down the other side.  Extend respect and dignity to those who feel the exact opposite of how you feel.  The positive thing about democracy is...READ MORE NOW

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