Post Holiday Monday Causes Confusion And Stress

So why is it that we have no trouble when our work week is shortened on a Friday?  Thursday can easily be interchanged with Friday from a mental standpoint. It can start a weekend just as easily – in fact, probably a heck of a lot easier than Friday even.

But, when we have to start a week on a Tuesday we lose our minds. Am I right?!

The first thing we feel is confusion. What day is it? Is it Monday? Then we panic!  Holy Work Week!!  We skipped Monday!!! AAAAAHH!!

And, why do we panic about that? THE STRESS! Now we have to catch up on Monday, arguably one of the busiest of work days of the week. So now we have all of Monday to pack into Tuesday while being confused about technically what day it is and it’s post holiday weekend!

So how will you survive today’s “Holiday Monday”? Chill. Yep, you heard me. Chill.

Holiday Monday Survival Guide

Deep Breath.

Relax. It’s just a normal day. You can’t stretch the hours. You can’t decrease them. Just let them be what they will be.

You can only handle what today brings you so stop the Chicken Little act and work through what the day brings you.

Stress can impact your ability to be productive and efficient. It affects so many aspects of your brain and body.

It will all work out before the week is over. Today is not the end of the world. And, if it were then what you are freaking out about right now is completely irrelevant.

Bring it in perspective. Do what you can do. Prioritize and just let the rest go. It will be there when you get to it.

Let “Holiday Monday” do it’s thing because in reality it is just a plain old Tuesday and the good news?! Tomorrow is Wednesday and the middle of the week already!! Woo Hoo!

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