Change Is A Process

I actually started the draft of this post back in July. But, this morning this post seems like the one that should be out there.

A lot of us who are serious about our journeys, serious about creating real change, serious about becoming the people we were created to be and not a product of our pasts seem to struggle with the fact that change is a PROCESS not an EVENT.

You stumble. You go back to an old familiar. You are challenged in some way that causes you to falter a bit.

What do you do? You beat the crap out of yourself for being the “old you” for “failing”.

Change occurs through growth. Growth brings moments of pain with it. It is a process. You had a hiccup not a failure.

It’s Time To Recognize

Now, I want you to put on your big boy/girl pants and stop whining.  Yes, you! You who are reading this and whining under your breath about the “what” you did and I just “wouldn’t understand”. Pish! Please!  If you don’t think I understand, then you haven’t paid attention to anything I’ve said or written in 2012.

It is time for you to recognize how far down the path you have come in your journey to change. Go ahead. Take a moment to glance in the rear view mirror and see just how far you have come from the moment you chose to change. Some of you may not even be able to see that point you started from, right?! Great job!!

Now, think about this. Ever been walking in the yard and you catch your shoe on a rock or divot and you stumble?

What do you do when that happens?

Dog cuss the divot, stand back up, dust off your jeans and keep walking. That’s what you do!

So why aren’t you doing it right now????

Today is a new day. Clean slate. It is a second chance. For the love of Pete, stop beating yourself up for tripping and get back up and keep walking. You are NOT who you WERE. You are NOT the sum of your mistakes. You are NOT defined by any of that – it is NOT WHO you are.

Keep going. Don’t quit. Never give up!

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