I’m not a big crier when watching movies. On the rare occasion, it usually has to do with children in some way.  But, I just got done watching A Little Bit of Heaven and uncontrollably sobbed for a solid 10 minutes. SOOOO NOT ME!

So, of course, I had to share my thoughts on this one. And it ties directly to our series theme!!! YAY!


Kate Hudson plays a young woman who wont commit to any relationships and is in a constant state of discord with her parents. She’s successful, beautiful and feels on top of the world when she finds out she has end stage colon cancer. During a procedure, she has a talk with God (played by Whoopie Goldberg).  The movie revolves around her relationships as they evolve during her last months alive. She finally falls in love and finds her happiness and peace. As she is passing, she reflects on her life through narration. She said, “I was afraid to trust and forgive. I thought I wasn’t enough. Turns out I was.”  She realized at that moment that her anger, broken relationship with her father, resentment of her mother, always closing people out – had led her to not fully be alive while she had the opportunity.

It was pretty obvious to me the timing of watching this movie. Truth is that I’ve almost rented it three times now. This afternoon my mom said she rented some movies for me to watch and it was on the top of the stack. I did not see the last 30 minutes of the movie coming. With exception of her dying, of course. Seriously, talk about timing!

Personally, it pulled at my heart about her relationships as she was preparing to die. It made me do some reflecting on my own friendships. It tugged at my wondering at my lack of meaningful relationships.  Like I needed to get my act in gear so I don’t waste another day. And then to have the movie finish with this theme we have been focusing on for almost 2 weeks now!! Crazy stuff.

So here’s the deal. In case you haven’t figured it out yet. (It’s okay, I’m stubborn too.) Life is fleeting. It is temporary. Even if we are lucky enough to live out 80 or 90 years, it is but a blip on the radar screen of life. Why wait another day to get your house in order and start living? Why waste another precious moment without making it count?

I’m challenging myself here too. Trust. Forgive. Love. No more grudges. No more junk. Be happy, grateful and live!

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